27 Dec 2015

Well, another Christmas has come and gone

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Joe Faber 2012So, how was your Christmas?  Mine barely existed.  Once again I promised myself that this year would be different.  I would set aside time to celebrate holidays.  Well, I did not.  So, once again I am going to make this promise to do so and hopefully 2016 will be better.

8 Dec 2015

Another Christmas season slipping by

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Here we are again.  Christmas is slipping by and I probably will not be able to decorate for it at all.  I have been painting in the downstairs bedroom and the living room is full of stuff.  I also have been too busy to watch any of my Christmas movies.  The same thing happened at Halloween.  What a bummer.

29 Nov 2015

Too much to write

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I am so desperately in need of writing help.  Two newspapers, four magazines and much more to say the least.  I also need a salesperson for selling ad space.  50% commission is offered!

4 Oct 2015

Busy, busy, busy

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Yes, I have been quite busy lately, but I am finally catching up on some of my work.  I will soon ask to have my days off from work shifted to Sun/Mon off from the current Sat/Sun.  It will work better for me and allow me to have a business day available.

25 Sep 2015

Bad night

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Feeling depressed tonight.  I suppose my father was right after all.  Nice guys finish last.  And, I have to add to this of course… they are about as wanted in this world as a turd on a wedding cake.  Go figure!

12 Sep 2015

It has been awhile

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It has been months since I have gotten around to posting here.  To put it simply, I have been swamped with writing.  I have newspapers, magazines and short stories that I am writing for all the time.  I do not even have the time to do the ‘sales’ part of the job in which to make the necessary money to move forward.  It is a true catch 22.

26 Jun 2015


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It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how hard I try or how honest I can be, I seem to be destined to be cut off from other people and normal applications of life.  It is depressing to say the least.

11 Jun 2015

Vacation is over

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Well this is the last day of vacation for me.  The first half went well.  I did have a short but good meeting this morning with Nathan Baliva of the Peoria Chiefs today.  I was trying to set up a relationship between the Chiefs and TAW Publications.  Mostly, I wanted to get press releases and know how to get credentials for my publications.  We will see what comes from all of this.

5 Jun 2015

On Vacation

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Joe Faber 2012On vacation this week.  Hoping to get some writing done and some cleaning up around the house and yard.  I took this vacation to correspond with my birthday week; I will be 52.

28 May 2015

So tired

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Joe Faber 2012Well, believe it or not we are almost half way through the year and I do not feel like I have accomplished anything at all.  I know it is not true, but I have been swamped by work for so long it certainly feels that way.  I am exhausted to say the least.